Barrows Guide: Level (130, 196, 147, 121, 146, 146)Edit

Recommended Stats:Edit

90+ Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Or Magic.



See the Photo for my Reccomended inventory:

Bring: Overloads, Super Restores, Very Good Melee Armour, Melee Weapons, and a special attack weapon(preferrably one with a good special attack, like a Korasi, or AGS)

How to get there:

Talk To Mr Ex (At ::Home, Right of the Grand Exchange) And Select: Barrows (2nd Page). Or you could simply type ::Bosses and Barrows is the 4th option down.


Protect From Range (Karil), Mage (Ahrim), and Melee (Dharok, Guthan, Torag, & Verac).


Bring a Spade. Go to the first hill (To the left or right) and dig in the dirt part of the Hill. You will be teleported into a dungeon/burial Place. Open the Casket in the middle of the room, and a Barrows Brother will spawn.

Immediatly after recognizing what brother, change your Prayer to the Appropriate one.

Drink Super restores to get up prayer,and a sara brew in case you get low on food. Eat about every 1-3 hits depending on the brother and amount of damage dealt.. Without prayer, All Barrows Brothers can hit well above 300 health, Especially Dharok.

Important: Drink Overloads and start praying BEFORE you get there, And Always be ready to Switch prayers!

Secondary note: Dharok can hit 500's with ease. Ranging typically from 250-600 damage, it is never recommended to drop below 700 life points! So be careful, I learned that the hard way! -Spitfire

Good Luck!