Money Making: Boss DropsEdit

Top 3 Best Bosses For Money Making Best Bosses for Money Making Currently:

1. Bandos

2. Armadyl

3. Zamorak


Bandos Drops a variety of things, to top off the list, its Bandos tassets and Chestplate, holding a current value of 100m a peice. yet, drops arent common, i have already achieved a full set. Heres a list of Drops:


1. Bandos Chestplate

2. Bandos Tassets

3. porn sites


Armadyl is a monster only attackable by range, of course, because it drops ranging armour... like Armadyl chestplate, Chainskirt, & Helm! also currently holding a value of 100m a peice, so go get yourself some! here a list of the top drops.


1. Armadyl Chestplate

2. Armadyl Chainskirt

3. Armadyl Helm


Zamorak has some good items in store, being a easier boss to defeat, because not much prayer level is needed, he can be a target boss for low level players, and even some high level ones too! Yet the drops arent as good as Bandos or Armadyl, He still drops some good stuff! take a look.


1. Zamorak Spear

2. Charms (summoning)

3. Rune Armour (plate body & legs) 4. a penis gun!

-Good luck to all!