Corporal Beast Guide: (Level: 785)Edit

Recommended Stats:Edit

99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Magic, & Prayer


138 (Max)

See the Photo for my Reccomended inventory:

Recommended Inventory

Bring: Overloads, Super Restores, Melee Armour, Melee Weapons, Range Armour, Range Weapons, Magic Armour, Magic Weapons (Preferrably a Melee Weapon with a Good special attack, like a Korasi or AGS)

Talk To Mr Ex (At ::Home, Right of the Grand Exchange) And Select: Corp (4th Page)


Protect From Mage (Corporal Beast), and Melee (Corporal Beast).


Be ready before you enter the cave. when you do, immediatly attack him. Depending on what type of combat your using (such as magic, or range) you might have a harder time with corp.

Drink Super restores to get up prayer, and eat about every 1-2 hits. Without prayer, Corporeal Beast can easily 1 Hit you. he even hits well thorugh prayer, making him one of the toughest bosses on Prothieum Today.

Important: ALWAYS Have more than 500 HP when fighting Corp. Drink Overloads and start praying BEFORE you get to Corp!

Good Luck!