Hunter Guide:

Hunting is a skill that is neither long, or short. It is quite simple to get started and there are not many things you need to know, so let's get in to it!

Where to catch the birds?

First off, you will need your bird snares. You can buy them from the gem trader right in front (south) of home.

Also, of course, you will need to know where to catch the birds, and ::hunter is the answer.

What birds to I catch?

First you need to catch Crimson Swifts, and not shorts after, I think level 55 or so, you can catch Tropical Wagtails.

Side Notes:

When you level up while training hunter, the message that shows up will say you had just level'd up in construction. Don't worry though, if you look at your skills, you will see it is actually hunter.

Good luck!