Jad Guide: (Level 702)

Recommended Stats:Edit

99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Prayer, Range, Or Magic.

Combat Level:Edit

138 or near that level.

See the Photo for my Reccomended inventory:

Bring: Overloads, Super Restores, Rocktails, Melee Armour, Melee Weapons, Range Armour, Range Weapons, Mage Armour, or Mage Weapons (Depending on the way you choose to fight TzTok-Jad)


How to get there:Edit

To get to TzTok-Jad, Type ::Jad into your chat bar, and you will be teleported there.


Protect From Range, Mage, and Melee (TzTok-Jad). Jad uses magic at far away, which hits high even through prayer! So using magic or ranged from a distance is not a recommended way of defeating Jad. Don't forget those prayers like soul-split, peity and turmoil! Those will make it a lot easier for you.


In this server, You don't have to survive the 61 round leading up to TzTok-Jad, when you enter the cave, you immediatly will fight him, So see the "Important" thread below. To defeat Jad, Drink Super restores to get up prayer, and eat about every 2-3 hits if your using prayer and depending how high he hits you. Without prayer, TzTok-Jad is Almost Impossible! If you dont have a high prayer level, you are not ready to fight Jad.

Signs For Prayer Switching:Edit

Melee: Tz-Tok Jad Slams his fist into the ground.

Range: TzTok-Jad Slams down his forward legs.

Magic: TzTok-Jad Slides his right foot back, and stands on his back legs.

Important: Drink Overloads and start praying BEFORE you get into the Cave with Jad.

This is recommended before fighting any boss!

Good Luck!



Fun Fact: Did you know that "Jad" in some cultures, means "God"?