Fight Kiln Guide:

The Fight Kiln is very easy. Being that Har-Aken doesn't deal damage, its practically a waiting game. Below I will tell you how to defeat Har-Aken as there are some specific things you may need to know, and what you'll need to do in order to get your TokHaar-Kal!

All you need to know:

Defeating Jad is relatively easy, and there are guides on the wiki that can help you if you need more assistance. Just use protect from spells and obtain the firecape! Once you have the fire cape go to ::kiln. You will see a portal. BEFORE YOU ENTER, MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A RANGED WEAPON, MAGIC AND MELEE DO NOT WORK! Go ahead in. Use the firecape on the orb close by and begin the battle. Once again, Har-Aken does not deal damage. so just AFK and be patient. Once you have killed him, You will be teleported out and will have the TokHaar-Kal in your inventory! Gratz, and hope you enjoyed ;)