King Black Dragon Guide: (Level 276)Edit

Recommended Stats:Edit

90+ Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Or Magic.


Recommended KBD a& QBD invy.


See the Photo for my Reccomended inventory:

Bring: Anti-Poison, Overloads, Super Restores, Melee Armour, Melee Weapons, Range Armour, Range Weapons, Mage Armour, or Mage Weapons (Depending on the way you choose to fight KBD)

Talk To Mr Ex (At ::Home, Right of the Grand Exchange) And Select: King Black Dragon (5th Page)


Protect From Mage (King Black Dragon), and Melee (King Black Dragon).


Make sure you have your Anti-dragonfire shield equipped and attack him. Also be ready to Prayer Switch. Melee: KBD makes a slight head movement. Mage: KBD nods back, and a ball will come shooting at you.

Drink Super restores to get up prayer, and eat about every 2-3 hits. Without prayer, the King Black Dragon can hit well above 300-400 health with his Magic & Melee Attacks.

Important: Drink Overloads and start praying Magic BEFORE you get there.

Good Luck!