Queen Black Dragon: (Level: 2100)Edit

Recommended Stats:Edit

92+ Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, Magic, Prayer.

Combat Level:Edit

138 (max)

See the Photo for my Reccomended inventory:

Recommended KBD a& QBD invy.

Bring: Anti-Poison, Overloads, Super Restores, Melee Armour, Melee Weapons, (Preferrably one with a Good special attack, like a Korasi)

Type ::QBD In chat bar, and you will be teleported.


Protect From Magic and Melee (Queen Black Dragon).


When you get into the lair, walk straight and Be ready. when you are, light the pitch fire and back away. she will spawn and start attacking, Attack her back and be cautious, pay attention to her head. depending on what moves she makes, will predict the attack, meaning you will have to switch prayer. here are the signs:

Magic: Nods head back and shoot a flame at you.

Melee: Swipes her head very fast (Pay close attention)

Drink Super restores to get up prayer, and eat about every hit. Without prayer, QBD can hit well above 500 health.

Important: Drink Overloads and start praying BEFORE you get to her lair.

Good Luck!