Skilling Guide:

Skilling in Prothieum is relatively easy, as the majority of skills are very easy to train, yet there are some skills that require much work and patience. I hope you find this to make skilling much easier for you, enjoy.

Where do I go first?

In Prothieum, Max holds most skilling teleports available to all players. If he doesn't have what your looking for, there are also in-game commands you can do, which inclue the following:






Need more help?

All staff and players will be happy to show you where to go. Me and my brother have worked hard on the wiki to make various guides for skills, which will hopefully make this easier for you. There are also guides on the forums!

There are Hiscores and a max cape so you will be rewarded for your skills! Skilling is supposed to be fun, so have fun!